Books by Mary K. Doyle


Cover Image Nav Alz

Navigating Alzheimer’s

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is like navigating a voyage on the high sees. The most common concerns of such care are covered in this informative, honest, and encouraging book.



Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God

The Story of Mother Theodore Guerin

Brightly illustrated by Phil Velikan, Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God is an inspiring, fun, and entertaining story about this dynamic saint and her courage to follow God’s call.

Young in Sprit cover 4-22-2013 - CopyYoung in the Spirit

Strengthen the spirit and you strengthen the mind and body as well. Research shows that a solid spiritual foundation is one of the keys  longevity and vitality. Spirituality promotes not only longer living but better living as well.

Grieving with Mary: Finding Comfort and Healing in Devotion to the Mother of God

Grieving with Mary

Sick, frightened or sad? Call on our Heavenly Mother for help. In Grieving with Mary you will find many ways to do this with devotional words, art, music, reading, sacred spaces, pilgrimages, and more. There are plenty of ideas  in this beautiful, uplifting and comforting book.

Seven Principles of Sainthood: Following St. Mother Theodore GuerinSeven Principles of Sainthood

You can be a saint, or at least strive toward a holier life. Read how Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore Guerin did, and how you also can: pray with the saints, trust in Providence, spread the Word of the Lord, lead by serving, be just and kind, forgive like Jesus, and strive for humility.

The Rosary Prayer by PrayerThe Rosary Prayer by Prayer

This  is the handbook on the rosary. It is the easiest and most inspiring way to pray the rosary for beginners as well as expert rosary prayer-ers. The book contains background information on the rosary and a page by page way to follow the prayers with Scripture, reflections, and extraordinary artwork by Joseph Cannella for each of the mysteries.

Mentoring Heroes : 52 Fabulous Women's Paths to Success and the Mentors Who Empowered ThemMentoring Heroes

Mary K. Doyle’s first book illustrates the impact mentoring made on 52 fabulous women from a diverse group of ages, locations, and professions. Through the women’s stories, learn how they were mentored and elevated spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and professionally and continue the transformative cycle of mentoring by passing it on to their protégés.

Product DetailsAlso See: The Eighth American Saint by Katherine Burton

Written by Katherine Burton, this biography is a real page-turner. Also included is a Foreword and Afterword by Mary K. Doyle with her first-hand report of Saint Theodora’s canonization.

To order any of these books, go to:

Mary K. Doyle website

ACTA Publications

Also see my other blogs: Midwest Mary, Doyle’s Delights, and Mary K. Doyle books.


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