Faith Against Faith


It’s difficult for me to understand why people of faith criticize those who differ from their beliefs–Catholics who look down on Protestants, Protestants who criticize Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Hindus who fear one another.

We who believe our religion to be the one true faith, need to proclaim and evangelize. But such proclamation often comes with resistance. I, like many others, receive comments that go beyond disagreement to outright rude and hateful remarks.

Religious disputes have gone on throughout history. Mother Theodore dealt with that here in the U.S. in the mid-1800s. Local Protestants tried to prevent her from using religious textbooks in the classroom. And a political party called the Know Nothings not only spread anti-Catholic propaganda and prevented Catholic immigrants from employment and housing opportunities, but went to the extent of burning churches and even murdered believers.

The #1 teaching of all faiths is love and compassion. Buddha, Jesus, God the Father, the Great Spirit, and Mohamed represent love and respect.We spread the Word through our words and actions. If we are hurtful to others, we push them away from what we believe to be the truth. We are not practicing what we preach.

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2 Responses to Faith Against Faith

  1. Pete says:

    At 70 I still do not understand why there are so many different churches and branches of Christianity. If one believes in Jesus as our Lord and accepts the bible as his inspired word why not just one church?

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