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Floating Through the Tough Times

Friends, family, and faith. We lean on these things in our tough times, says author Michele Howe in her new book, Faith, Friends, and Flotation Devices. See my review on her book here: Faith, Friends, and Flotation Devices   Advertisements

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Care for the Caregiver

You can’t be a good caregiver if you don’t care for yourself. I know that fact first-hand. See my latest post on the books Comfort and Be Comforted and Young in the Spirit in regards to caregiving on Doyle’s Delights.

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Real Love?

Are you a Thomas Merton fan? His writings are fascinating, and his relationship with “M” offers so much to ponder about Merton, his love, and his commitments. See my thoughts on the book, The Ground of Love and Truth, by Sister Suzanne … Continue reading

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Great American Eulogies

Who would think eulogies would be enjoyable to read? I didn’t, but I have to tell you, this book is fascinating. Read more about Great American Eulogies on my Doyle’s Delights blog.  

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Book on Mary’s Daily Life

When Jesus was a child, what did he ask his mother to prepare for dinner? The book, Song of the Dove, is a fictional account of the Holy Family’s daily life but does follow what we know from Scripture. See … Continue reading

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A Good Read

Looking for books that actually speak to you? Check out my new blog with ACTA Publications. I’ll be posting on books I find interesting and usable. The blog, Doyle’s Delights, Musings on Books I Actually Like highlights books that are … Continue reading

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First Love, Then Teach

Bullying, teasing, blackmailing. Children begin tormenting one another at very young ages. Even preschoolers call each other hurtful names, refuse to play with someone, and physically antagonize. There also is a current trend toward very young children, particularly girls, threatening … Continue reading

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