Going Gratefully with God

     You work hard, you stay on track, and try to do what’s right, and yet, you don’t get a break. Everything is so hard. Is God listening? Does God know how you struggle?
     Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore was left in the middle of the woods of a foreign country with her companions. She was entrusted with the goals of promoting her faith, founding a congregation of women religious, and building schools for children and young women throughout Indiana and Illinois.The multi-layered task for a small group of women who didn’t know the land, its people, or the language, was daunting.
    Saint Theodora’s level of trust in God is inspiring. In ill health and with little-to-no funding, she more than accomplished her objectives. She never doubted that if her work was Christ-centered, she would accomplish it.
     But this does not mean that her journey was easy. Few, if any saints, had a painless path. Like them, Saint Theodora had setbacks–some of which were major.
     There were fires, food shortages, and difficult superiors.There was public opposition from outsiders. Her position required strenuous physical labor, keen intellect, and courageous decision making.She ended many days battered and bruised emotionally and physically. Plus she had periods of severe illness that left her incapable of doing anything.
  These challenges did not stop Saint Theodora. She didn’t give up. She kept going, living, and loving the people around her.She trusted in God  to guide her through each event as it came along.
     Our journey is not likely to be without difficulties either. There will be mountains and valleys. However, if we are prayerful and trusting as our Saint Theodora, we will see God’s gifts in all things at all times. We will walk gratefully and know that we are never alone.
(Read more about Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore in Seven Principles of Sainthood)
 ©2016, Mary K. Doyle
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