Visual Prayer



Some times are more difficult to pray than others. When we are ill, in physical or emotional pain, grieving, or stressed, concentrating on lengthy prayers can be not only difficult but impossible. However, there are many ways to pray, and Henri Nouwen Illuminated highlights a beautiful combination of one simple thought along with art.


Len Sroka matches his art with sayings from Henri Nouwen. The artwork is a composite of photos blended into images that illuminate Nouwen’s words. Golden rays, clouds, and a sunset pair with the thought, “It is by being awake to this God in us that we can see him in the world around us.”


Chapters include Dare to Be Loved, Come Home, Dare to Be Human, Learn God’s Ways, Dare to Be Useless, Go Deeper, Move to the Center, Live Love, Present the Presence, and Bless the World. Each chapter begins with a brief explanation that sets the tone. In Chapter 8, “Live Love,” we are reminded that the closer we come to God, the closer we come to each other. These prayer-like words are ones to ponder with a visual to touch us emotionally.


Sroka says he considers Henri Nouwen his spiritual older brother. He admires his courage and belief in God’s presence in “the nooks and crannies of our soul and our world.” Sroka’s admiration for this Dutch born Catholic priest and renowned author stirs my interest to learn more about him.


Henri Nouwen Illuminated makes a good nightstand book to reflect upon before dozing off as well as a gift for someone who is struggling to pray through their challenges.

(Re-posted from Doyle’s Delights)

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