Maintaining Work/Life Balance in Healthcare


Apparently I thought I could do what Jesus couldn’t. Author Susan J. Bliss points out in her book, We Will Be Healed. Spiritual Renewal for Healthcare Professionals, that Jesus balanced the endless needs of others with his reserve of physical energy. He stopped to eat and rest.

Bliss writes, “Nowhere in the New Testament did Jesus urge his followers to work to the point of exhaustion. Why then do we continue to burn ourselves to ashes on the altar of serving others?”

And she writes about sharing the load, delegating responsibilities. “Even the Son of God recognized the need for help, and he selected a dozen people to help him.”

I admit that I reached a state of burnout and physical decline before I started to care for myself while caring for my husband with Alzheimer’s. Intellectually I understood the importance of rest and rejuvenation. But spiritually, I was the martyr, literally giving my life for my husband’s. I was that Eveready Bunny running continuously until my own health truly was in jeopardy.

Spiritual Renewal for Healthcare Professionals is written for people in the medical field. These are the people who we expect to care for us at any hour of any day, even the middle of the night on a holiday weekend. They leave their own families and work long hours to be available to us.

They also have to face their limitations. As Bliss reminds us, in spite of our best efforts, disease lingers and patients die.

Although the book is not written specifically for the general public, I found it readable and applicable to my own life, a non-healthcare professional. Anyone caring for a loved one will find it of interest and inspiring.

(Re-posted from Doyle’s Delights)

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