Angels of God, Our Guardians Dear


The Catholic Companion to the Angels

Mary Kathleen Glavich

Little, if anything, about angels is left unanswered in The Catholic Companion to the Angels by Mary Kathleen Glavich. Answers to the questions of who they are, what they’re like, their responsibilities, the hierarchy of angels, scripture references to them, and more can be found in this little informative book.

One often misunderstood fact is that angels never were anything else. They are pure spirit, created as angels, and always will be that. They also have distinct personalities. They can think and love and are intelligent, powerful, and holy.

Sister Mary Kathleen offers examples of spirits appearing to people in Scripture, but many common folk today also claim to see these first responders. The best known angels are St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael as well as our guardian angels. God surrounds us with countless angels to guide and protect us.

The Catholic Companion to the Angels is fascinating and fun to read. Who doesn’t love and want to know more about these spirits? They were created by God to help us, and it’s a good idea to call on them to do just that.

(Reposted from Doyle’s Delights)

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