Turning Around: Lent 2015

9780879465346 (2)

Turning Around: Lent 2015

by Ann Naffziger

Lent is one of, if not the most, important spiritual time of the year. Turning Around: Lent 2015 by Ann Naffziger is a daily devotional that can assist you on your journey toward a greater connection with Jesus.

Entries for each day of Lent include a Scripture passage, reflection on that passage, and suggestions on how it can be applied to our daily life. Passages are in common language as they are from The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition, and applications are realistic and practical.

Rather than giving something up this Lent, why not commit to reflecting on just one page of this little book each day. The practice can enrich not only your Lenten season but your life in a very manageable way.

(TurningAround: Lent 2015 is available from ACTA Publications,800-397-2222, http://www.actapublications.com/)

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