Prayers for Employment

Miraculous MedalSeveral of my friends are in caustic work environments and desperately seeking something better. With the downward shift in economy the last five years or more, businesses continue to cut costs and employ fewer employees with significantly higher expectations. This is resulting in tremendous employee frustration and dissatisfaction.

Saint Theodora employed many workers at the motherhouse and schools. Several of these workers remained friendly with her long after their work ended, so she must have been a fair and congenial employer. Employers and coworkers contribute greatly toward our work experience. We spend a good part of our life at work, and there is nothing worse than to find at the end of the day that we are mentally and physically depleted.

Following are three prayers you may wish to pray while seeking a better job. Also included is a novena – a prayer to be prayed for nine days – in honor of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Our Lady designed the Miraculous Medal and showed it to Catherine Laboure.  Mary promised those who wore this medal, especially if worn around the neck, that she they would receive special graces. Countless claims of answered prayers have resulted from wearing this medal since its initial production in 1832 (Grieving with Mary, 75-76).

 * * *

Prayer for Employment

God, our Father, I turn to you seeking your divine help and guidance as I look for suitable employment. I need your wisdom to guide my footsteps along the right path, and to lead me to find the proper things to say and do in this quest. I wish to use the gifts and talents you have given me, but I need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment. Do not abandon me, dear Father, in this search, but rather grant me this favor I seek so that I may return to you with praise and thanksgiving for your gracious assistance. Grant this through Christ, our Lord. Amen (From Catholic Online:

* * *

Prayer for Work

Creator God, thank you for providing us with the gift to share our talents. Provide our community, our nation, our world the fortitude to provide work for all which is decent and fair. Make us faithful stewards of your creation to enhance the human dignity of our global family. We ask this in the name of Jesus, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen (From Being Neighbor: The Catechism and Social Justice, USCCB, April, 1998)

* * *

Employment Prayer

Mary our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, you once experienced hardships and difficulties in getting the necessities of life. Look kindly on me now as I face the same difficulties. Help me to find suitable employment. Through my work I want to meet my physical needs and to grow spiritually. Help me find a job that lets me provide for myself and for those who depend on me. I trust you, Immaculate Mother, to hear my prayers and intercede for me. I will share your goodness with others that they may know your power with God and give him honor and glory. Amen. (From Association of the Miraculous Medal,

* * *

Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Pray the following prayers daily for nine days:

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your spirit, and they shall be created.

And you shall renew the face of the earth.

Let us pray. O God, who has instructed the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant us in the same spirit to be truly wise, and ever to rejoice in his consolation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


O Mary, conceived without sin,

Pray for us who have recourse to you. (Three times)

Lord Jesus Christ, who has glorified your mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate from the first moment of her conception, grant that all who devoutly implore her protection on earth may eternally enjoy your presence in heaven. Lord Jesus Christ, who for the accomplishment of your greatest works has chosen the weak things of the world, that no flesh may glory in our sight, and who for a better and more widely diffused belief in the Immaculate Conception of your mother, has wished that the Miraculous Medal be manifested to Saint Catherine Laboure, grant, we ask you that filled with like humility, we may glorify this mystery by word and work.

Amen (From Catholic Novenas, edited by Bart Tesoriero)

©2013, Mary K. Doyle

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One Response to Prayers for Employment

  1. SaintlySages says:

    I am grateful that God entrusts to us duties important to Him even when others can find nothing for us to do. God bless!

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