God’s Gift of Wrinkles

MTG ShoesWrinkles, painful knees, and a slower pace are gifts. They are part of the grand gift of life.

Our culture celebrates youthfulness. Few would disagree that the more attractive and younger one looks, the more opportunities come their way. A youthful appearance and vitality is essential at all stages of life. No one should suspect that we are as old as we are.

Our society suffers from the dichotomy of fearing aging while on a quest for longevity. We want to live a very long life, and are in fact are doing so, but we don’t want to experience any signs of the passage of time. It as if aging itself is a disease or failure on our part.

Rather than revealing our true age, any sign of it is typically viewed as something that should be “cured.” We mask any evidence of the passing of our years with dyes, creams, make-up, and surgery.

Saint Theodora died at the relatively young age of 57. She suffered some serious health issues which could have taken her life decades sooner. God must have known how much more she could accomplish with the extra years.

Every day we are on this earth is a blessing. It is time the Lord gives us to minister to and love one another. Those wrinkles are simply evidence of the wealth of God’s generosity of time.

(Photo: St. Theodora’s shoes.)

©2013, Mary K. Doyle

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