It’s a Miracle


“Do you believe in miracles? You may recognize little miracles in your daily life, occasions when something works out unusually well for you. But do you believe that you could be completely and unexpectedly healed from serious illness or disability after a simple act of faith?

Throughout Hebrew and Christian scriptures, we read of many miracles. Women unable to conceive give birth to healthy children long after childbearing age (Genesis 21:1-7). Bread falls from the heavens to feed the hungry Israelites (Exodus 16:13-18). Mobility is restored to the lame (Mark 2:11-12) and vision to the blind (Matthew 9:28-30). Even the dead are brought back to life (Mark 5:35-43).

These unexplained events did not end with the early life of Jesus. True miracles occur even today. In fact, at the beginning of this millennium, a man living in a little town in Indiana, the very same town where Saint (Theodora) Mother Theodore Guerin lived, received a miracle recognized by the Catholic Church.” (Excerpt from the beginning of Seven Principles of Sainthood.)

With the exception of martyrs, two miracles must be attributed to a candidate’s intercession after their death to be canonized a saint. One miracle must take place before the step of beatification and the other for sainthood.

Saint Theodora’s first miracle was granted to a Sister of Providence, Sister Mary Theodosia Mug. Sister Theodosia had little use of one arm after nerve damage resulting from a mastectomy. She also had a large, malignant abdominal tumor that made it impossible for her to eat solid food, kneel, or walk comfortably. After praying to Saint Theodora, Sister Theodosia had full use of her arm and the tumor disappeared. She never had another sign of cancer for her remaining 35 years.

The second miracle involved a man named Phil McCord who worked for the Sisters of Providence. In 2000 Phil had an eye condition that required a cornea transplant. Even with that, the chances for vision to be fully restored was slim.

Mr. McCord entered the Church of the Immaculate Conception and asked Saint Theodora for her intercession. His vision was completely restored right then and there.

Miracles are extraordinary works or effects that occur with no explanation. The Catholic Church is very careful in recognizing miracles as such. In a medical miracle, a healing must take place suddenly, completely, and with no other known explanation. The healing is thoroughly examined by panels of religious, laity, and medical professionals. If it receives their approval, the case is passed on to the pope for his review.

You can trust that since the Church approved Saint Theodora’s miracles, they did in fact occur. Miracles do happen. Only God grants miracles but we can request anyone to pray with and for us. And the prayers of the righteous are especially powerful.

Call on Saint Theodora and ask her to pray your prayer with you.The Sisters of Providence receive many letters from people who believe they received a  personal miracle after asking this saint for her intercession.

Perhaps you have a miracle in your future. You can’t know if you don’t pray. Jesus said to ask and you will receive.

God bless you and yours this miraculous, holy season.

©2012, Mary K. Doyle

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