Invest in the Future

In this time when few investments are secure, the one area sure to produce a high yield is mentoring. Investing yourself and your resources in other people is a venture in a better and brighter world for everyone.

Saint Theodora was the epitome of a mentor, a Christian mentor to be more specific. She contributed toward the development of people by sharing her knowledge, talents, experiences, wisdom, contacts and faith. Christ was at the heart of her every thought, word and action, and therefore, also at the heart of her guidance. Compassion, justice, forgiveness, and servitude were the guidelines she used when preparing and supporting the sisters, employees, and students.

Saint Theodora took on her first role as mentor when she was only fifteen years old when she suddenly became caregiver to her mother and her eight year old sister, Marie-Jeanne. Her mentoring continued in her role as school teacher and principle in France and then superior of the Sisters of Providence in Indiana.

Saint Theodora realized her students and sisters were watching her. She physically showed them how to raise the level of the people around them by her example of love. She treasured each person, including the most difficult, for the blessing that they were.

Once the sisters were sent to establishments, personal contact was limited to once or twice a year. As a result much of the mentoring Saint Theodora did with the sisters was through writing. She wrote nearly five thousand lengthy, informative letters, many of which are preserved. (You can read more on all of this in Seven Principles of Sainthood Following Saint Mother Theodore Guerin.)

Today we have so many more means of communication. Mentors and protégé can keep in contact via regular and video phone calls, text messaging, and emailing. Questions may be answered within seconds relieving stress and addressing an issue without hesitation. We also are more likely to have our own vehicle or easy access to public transportation to meet in person.

The ripple of mentoring has a limitless effect. Every single person we elevate, elevates those around them. When we share the best of our self with another person we give value to our unique wisdom and special God-given gifts. It is our legacy to future generations.

You are an important element in raising humanity to a higher level. Be a catalyst for positive growth and change in this world. Be a mentor.

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©Mary K. Doyle

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One Response to Invest in the Future

  1. Mentoring children is so important. They yearn for the time and attention of will meaning adults. Those who take time to teach by positive examples and words. Mary, your description of Sister Theodora reminds us of the need to help/mentor others and your words are spot on: “It is our legacy to future generations. You (we) are an important element in raising humanity to a higher level. Be a catalyst for positive growth and change in this world. Be a mentor.”
    Al “the Respect Guy”

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